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Intermittent Fasting – A Beginner’s Guide

The struggle to lose weight is nerve wrecking. Everyone at some point in their lives has tried to shed some pounds (if you are one of those people who never gain an ounce no matter how much you eat, please go read my food reviews instead). Be it fad diets or boot camps, we all try to take the short cut but  in order to be successful on this journey we have to put in some actual hard work. Enter ‘Intermittent Fasting’.

So while trying to find the best way to make myself stop stuffing my face, I went online and looked for motivation. I came across a group that gave rave reviews to intermittent fasting. So first I laughed for a good five minutes. Muslims have been fasting for centuries. Now people are starting to see the benefits of our beliefs (Does anyone remember the recent craze for Miswaak sticks). Anyway, intermittent fasting or IM is a way to increase ketones in your body, needed to fight fat cells.

There are numerous ways on how to do it, and you should be able to find the best way that suits you. Today I will talk about what I have been doing for 2 weeks. Intermittent fasts vary. You can fast for different durations but almost everyone agrees that anything less than 14 hours is useless. In order to activate the ketones in your body you need to fast for at least 14 hours or more.

The best part about Intermittent fasting is that it is not a diet. You have to tweak your eating habits and change your lifestyle a little. Trust me it makes you more organized. If you want to start slow, you can start with a smaller 16 hour fast. Since you’ll be asleep for most of that duration, you won’t feel it much. During the time that you’re awake, you can have lots of water and beverages that have no calories such as black coffee and green tea.

To help you keep a track of your fast you can download the Free LIFE Fasting Tracker app. It not only counts the hours of your fast, it tells you when your body has entered the ketolysis stage, when are you burning the most calories, and it also lets you connect with thousands of other people who are fasting with you. It’s essentially a community of people who will help you during this tough time.


My intermittent fast is of 36 hours. I finish off dinner at 8pm on Sunday, thus beginning the fast. I next eat at 8am Tuesday. During the fasting hours I can water, black coffee and green tea. I also munch on roasted fennel seeds. I can have chicken broth or vegetable broth after 14 hours (one cup every hour after the 14th hour starts), but I usually don’t have it. Once the 36 hours are done, you can eat normally, though taking a low carb/fat diet is preferred. This can be done twice a week, without any issue.

Honestly so far it hasn’t been difficult. The only problem I have faced is the headaches. I do this twice a week, Monday and Thursday. I will let you know of my progress as it continues (it hasn’t been that long). Once you are used to the schedule, you can increase the fasting hours. However if you have health issues please consult your physician before attempting anything.

Did you know many celebrities have endorsed Intermittent fasting namely Hugh Jackman, Antoni Porowski and Terry Crews, three people I love.

The app I mentioned earlier can be downloaded from  Do let me now if you decide to join in. Maybe you can help me during those hard times when all I want to do is stuff my face with a gooey brownie!

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