How to make a ‘food cake’

A family in south-western Thailand’s central Kalimantan district has spent months creating a cake of the world’s most expensive food, costing $6.8 million, and now it is ready to serve it to the world.

Khamon Pongsan, a 35-year-old who works as a cook, started making the cake about two years ago.

His wife, Sondak, told Al Jazeera that the family spent around six months preparing the cake, which they hope will make the world proud of Thailand.

“We were really excited when we got the cake in the mail,” said Sondacak.

“We knew we had to make it.”

Khamont Pongsant’s homemade food cake is a $6,8 million (Dh50m) food cake made with a mixture of cornstarch, sugar and milk.

Photo by Al Jazeera.

Kamun Sattanaprabhaya, a professor at Thailand’s National University of Education, told the Associated Press news agency that his research team was surprised by the high price of the cake.

“This is the highest ever price paid for a cake in Thailand,” he said.

“The price of food has doubled over the past two years.”

Pongsan said the family was able to sell the cake through a private store.

“If you can’t sell the food, you can just eat it,” he told Aljazeera.

“But it’s better if you eat it than not.”

Al Jazeera’s Paul Miller reports from Bangkok.

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