How to make the best deer meat in India

A dish made of deer meat is one of the most popular dishes at Indian eateries and a dish that is also used to make deer meat.

However, not everyone enjoys making it, and many people in Kerala don’t want to pay money to make it at home.

In a recent interview with News24, a Kerala resident named Gauri Kaur, who is also a food blogger and writer, shared how she makes a delicious deer meat dish.

“I love deer meat, it’s one of my favourite foods.

But I’m not going to cook it here.

So, I’m making a meal out of it,” she told News24.

Gauri Kaju’s recipe for deer meat has a recipe for making deer meat at home, but she is not interested in making it at a traditional place.

The recipe is based on her own experiences, and she says she made it at her home, her father’s house in Kottayam and her mother’s house.

“I did not cook it in a traditional way.

I only added a few ingredients and added some herbs and spices to make a tasty dish.

I used to be a vegetarian, but now I eat meat for dinner every day,” she said.

The dish, made out of deer, is called deer gravy.

The recipe is not too difficult to understand.

The meat is simmered in a mixture of beef and potatoes.

Gauri’s father also cooks the meat and her mum serves it as a side dish.

The ingredients used for the gravy are also low in sodium.

Gaur also uses dried chillies, salt, ginger, onions and turmeric.

“There are many different kinds of deer meats in Kerala.

The taste of these deer meats are different and different tastes have been given to them,” Gauri said.

Gurgaon’s Kothi Nai, a vegetarian restaurant, is one such restaurant that offers deer meat as part of its dishes.

“We serve deer meat here as it’s very tasty and good for the soul.

It’s very easy to prepare and I’ve used deer meat to make some of my own dishes,” she shared.

According to Kaur and other locals, this dish is quite popular.

The restaurant owner is very excited about the popularity of this dish and is willing to share the recipe with News 24.

“There is so much demand for deer gravy, which I am trying to bring to everyone,” she added.

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