Why do some people love to make clay food?

It has long been a popular dish among traditional and modern cultures around the world, and is often used as a dish on traditional Chinese and Korean dishes.

It is said to be a popular and healthy way to eat porridge.

But, it is also said to have a sour taste and is a favourite among some in America and Europe.

Clay food is usually made by mixing clay with water, sugar and salt, then cooking it in the oven until it is slightly brown.

But some say it can also be made using a high heat oven and it is sometimes mixed with flour, and even a mixture of flour and water.

It may also be added to soups and stews, as well as other dishes such as pancakes.

“It has a sour and sour taste,” said Rachel Lehner, who teaches food science at the University of Michigan.

“If it’s not too sour, it can be used in cooking.”

The sour taste is why many people enjoy cooking with it.

Clay can also make a great sauce for soup or stew, and it has been used to make sauces for pizza, burgers and other comfort food.

And it is used to cook rice.

“You can cook it with water and sugar in a sauce,” Ms Lehner said.

“There’s a very simple way to cook with it.”

The cooking method varies, depending on the size of the clay pot, but is generally made in a pot with a lid.

Ms Lehanner said she had seen some people cooking in clay pots that had a lid on the bottom, or one that was too large for the pot.

“But I’ve never seen anyone cook with a clay pot that had no lid, and then cook with water or salt,” she said.

In the US, the National Association of Home Food Technicians recommends that all clay pots should be heated with a high-powered oven or gas pressure cooktop.

It says that most clay pots are suitable for cooking with a little water and a little sugar, and the pot should be set to a slow boil for about three minutes.

“They need to be turned down to around a simmer,” Ms Leahhner said of the pot used for making food, which is usually a large pot that can hold several people.

The National Association also recommends that food be cooked in a slow cooker, or a slow-cooker or pressure cooker, to avoid the cooking of the food in the food processor.

If cooking in a claypot requires a high speed, it should be used with care, she said, and should be cooked at a low temperature.

“Some people will say, ‘well I’ve cooked with clay, but I don’t want to burn my fingers and toes.’

I say, well, you don’t have to be afraid of that.”

Cooking with clay is not the only food you can make with clay.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of Australia recommends that you wash the utensils in boiling water before cooking, and if you want to cook a dish with raw vegetables, make sure they are washed in boiling hot water before using them.

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