How Italians made their own fly food

Making fly food is a simple process.

First you need a good supply of dried fly.

You can buy it in the supermarket or on the internet, but if you buy fresh you’ll need to cut up the dried fly and boil it in water to make it.

You then put the dried material in a food processor and make your own food.

You need to mix the ingredients well and then cook it to get the right consistency.

This process is called aquafaba, and it’s also done in Italy.

A friend of mine, who works at a local fish processing plant, made this delicious fly meal for me when we were in town for a week.

I can’t believe I’ve made it myself and shared it on Facebook!

We had the recipe on hand for a few days and then the next day I went to the market to pick up some fresh fish.

We were surprised to see that most of the fish we bought was just as bad as the ones we bought at the supermarket.

The fish was a little worse but not much worse.

We decided to cook it ourselves and had a go at making it ourselves.

The first step was to soak the fish in some hot water for at least 30 minutes.

It was so hot that the flies were sticking to the bottom of the water and soaking the fish was actually causing it to stick to the sides of the pan.

After soaking the water in the boiling water for 30 minutes the flies started to stick.

They were getting bigger and bigger and they started to break.

I tried to get them off the bottom and to stop them from breaking the water, but they would not budge.

They started to splutter and make a mess.

We tried to help them by gently dragging them on the ground but they couldn’t get any traction on the grass.

I told them to wait until they were bigger enough to pull out the flies.

We didn’t want to throw away the fly meal because we had to use it for some other food so we just threw it in a pot with some water.

This is what the fish looked like after we cooked it and then we cooked some rice for the family.

I cooked some garlic and onions for them and some fresh basil for the pasta.

We also cooked some bread for the whole family.

It took a while, but the flies came out looking like this.

It wasn’t so bad after all!

It was good enough to eat.

I also cooked a few extra days worth of rice to make the pasta more convenient and the fish taste better.

After the fish I also made a pasta for the children.

I made a batch of pasta with the fish pasta, which was pretty good.

They liked it and we all shared it with the kids, who ate it.

We had to buy more pasta from the store because it was very expensive and we had no money left over for more fish.

After all this cooking, the fish started to look even better.

We cooked some of it for lunch and it was so delicious!

After lunch we cooked the fish again and the flies kept getting bigger.

It made them taste even better and we couldn’t help but want to eat them more.

The kids loved it and ate it all!

Next, I added some rice to the pasta for a little extra kick.

I used the fish broth to make this sauce, which is a mix of tomatoes, salt and pepper.

I added this sauce to the fish dish and the rice to create the noodles.

The noodles were so soft that they couldn´t hold up the sauce as well as the pasta dish.

They couldn´ t eat them as well.

I put some of the cooked fish sauce on the fish and rice and it really helped them hold their noodles up.

Next I used fresh basil to make some sauce.

The basil adds a nice taste and I also added some garlic to give it a little kick.

The pasta was still very good and the noodles tasted just as good.

We served it to our family and loved it!

I was so happy that my family enjoyed it as much as I did and they loved the extra fish!

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