How to make Vietnamese food in the United States

By James Hagan and Nick – The first thing you’ll notice about Vietnamese food is the rice.

This is something that has become part of Vietnamese culture since the early 1900s.

And that rice is called pho.

The word pho translates roughly to “puppy food.”

Pho, or baby food, has a very specific meaning in Vietnamese.

It’s essentially a form of food made for a baby.

You may have seen baby bottles made with pho noodles in the Philippines.

But pho is a completely different dish.

This particular Vietnamese dish is called Pho Pho.

There are two different kinds of pho: boiled and uncooked.

In the Philippines, boiled pho comes from a broth that has been boiled for a few days.

It has been ground and boiled to a paste.

Then it’s put into bowls and then it’s dipped into a mixture of spices, rice and noodles.

The broth is then mixed with rice, onions, fish, carrots, chili powder and other ingredients to create a broth.

Once mixed, the broth is placed in a large pot with some water and a little oil to simmer for about 45 minutes.

Once the broth has simmered for a while, it’s served over rice.

The rice is left to cook for a couple more minutes.

The soup is then added and served with the broth.

The Pho pho served at a restaurant in the Philippine capital, Manila, where the rice is boiled.

The pho bowl at a Vietnamese restaurant in Manila, Philippines, where broth is simmared for 45 minutes and then served with a sauce.

The broth is usually made with the same kind of ingredients that you find in a Chinese restaurant.

The only difference is that the Vietnamese broth is often heated and a lot of spices are added.

The Pho noodles, rice, vegetables and meat are all cooked to your liking.

The noodle soup is typically served over steamed rice, which is a popular dish in the country.

You can either buy the broth at a grocery store or get it from a Vietnamese noodle stall.

Pho can be a little tricky to prepare if you don’t have a lot knowledge of how to cook.

So make sure you take your time and make sure that you don�t end up with the wrong broth.

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