‘I’m a comedian making food’

RTE presenter Katie O’Donnell has been making a few of her own food with the help of a homemade food candle.

The comedy star said that she is inspired by her two children who, when they were younger, would buy her meals, and when she turned five, they started to eat more.

“When I was a little girl, my kids would buy me food and they would bring me the food, and I was really proud of them,” she said.

“And it was a really, really big deal because we would buy them food for their birthday, but we would never buy them a meal.”

They would never give us a big meal, they would just put us to bed and go to sleep and come home and eat.

“So Katie, who was born in Belfast but now lives in Belfast with her partner, Michelle, started making her own.

She said that the first recipe she tried to make was the “Food Candle” – which consisted of a food tester and a plastic food trowel.”

It’s actually the same thing, except instead of having a trowler, we have a food candle,” she explained.”

The food candle is a kind of food trolley and it’s filled with food.

“We just put the food on top and the trowlers will scoop the food and put it on the trolley.”

So we just put it all in there and it works really well, it’s really good.

“She said the “lucky” thing about her children is that they don’t like food, so she made a few more recipes to try and make their lives a little more convenient.”

I actually just started making them something different this year, because they’re very fussy,” she added.”

My husband just had a birthday and we got all the birthday presents and I just bought them all and we went to the supermarket and got them all.

“Then, I’m just going to make them for my kids.

I’ll give them a little cake and a little bit of a cake, and a couple of other things.”

She added that she was hoping to get some other people to try making food for the show and also to make some food trolleys and trowels for other comedians.

“You can’t go wrong with it,” she told TheJournal.ie.

“But, I know it’s not going to be perfect.

It’s not the best thing in the world, but it’s going to do the job.”

And Katie’s food trolled social media, with the likes of “Food Candles for all your food needs” and “What’s a Food Candle?” trending on Twitter.

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