More than 100,000 pounds of food to help victims of IHScripps earthquake

More than 120,000 meals and food products will be distributed to more than 100 victims of the devastating earthquake in Nepal, according to the National Disaster Management Authority.

The quake and subsequent tsunami killed at least 1,800 people, destroyed more than 9,000 buildings and caused more than $7.2 billion in damage.

More than 30,000 food suppliers are set to receive food items, according the National Food Security Authority.

This is the second-largest disaster food distribution since the 2008 earthquake, which killed more than 14,000 people.

The IHSCP is distributing more than 60 million meals, including rice, lentils, wheat, bread, canned food, fish, meat, fish oil, canned tomatoes, canned vegetables, and vegetables.

Food and beverage manufacturers are also being offered supplies.

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