When food is made to look like a crime scene

A British company has created a robotic tool that can make a cup of tea with a look-alike of the murder weapon.

The product, called Roz, is a robot that looks like the face of a person and can replicate the appearance of the crime scene in real time, the Telegraph reports.

It has already been used by police to create evidence in the case of a serial killer who killed six people.

The technology is so advanced that the UK Food Standards Agency is considering its safety in its trials.

The roz machine can create a cup with the appearance and feel of a cup made from the crime weapon used by the killer.

The cup is made from a blend of white coffee grounds, cocoa butter and sugar, and can be used as a decanter, an espresso machine, or even a cocktail bar, according to the BBC.

The company has also designed the cup to look similar to a crime victim, but the design is still not as accurate as the real thing.

Roz can create cups that look like crime scene photographs, and the machine can also replicate the scent of the victim and clothing.

The robot is capable of creating the cup in just 20 minutes, the BBC reported.

The cups can be created from coffee grounds or cocoa butter, and cocoa butter is used to blend the coffee.

It can also create the cup with a white coffee bean, a blend that contains an equal amount of the black coffee and the white coffee beans, which creates a black coffee blend, according the BBC report.

The coffee grounds can also be used to mimic the smell of the coffee, and a mug can be made using a mug made from cocoa butter.

The robots are also able to replicate the look of the cup, and even the smell.

They can even make cup after cup after the cup of the fake cup.

The smell of coffee is the reason the robot can replicate a cup that looks exactly like a cup, according The Telegraph.

Rozz also makes cups that mimic the texture of the suspect’s clothes, according a blog post by the company.

A product from the company was also used to create a mug with the aroma of the human victim, the blog said.

The scent can be replicated on a coffee mug, a mug that has the human scent, or a mug used for mixing drinks.

Roza is still a prototype, but has been approved by the UK’s Food Standards Authority.

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