When the science of food safety is the least of our worries

When the scientific community is telling us that GMOs are safe, and that the EPA is overstepping its authority, we have to remember the science is the last line of defense.

For example, there are now reports that the European Union is investigating whether to ban the use of GMOs in Europe.

When that happens, the food industry will not only have to find new ways to make GMOs safe, they’ll also have to change how they do business, in order to stay in business.

As long as GMOs are still a profitable business, that means that we’re all stuck with GMOs for the foreseeable future.

In fact, we can look forward to a future where GMO foods are just another part of the American diet.

When the truth of the matter is that GMOs and our food system are causing cancer, we’ve lost a lot of good jobs.

This is especially true when it comes to the dairy industry, which is the most important sector in the food supply chain.

We’ve seen this with other industries like automobiles and construction, where workers are being exposed to unsafe working conditions in order for manufacturers to make money.

In this case, we know that the truth is even worse than the GMO industry tells us.

If we want to continue to feed the world, we need to move away from GMOs.

The future of our food supply depends on it.

What we need is to be willing to learn the truth about GMOs and the risks that GMOs pose, rather than the lies and disinformation that have dominated the scientific and media conversation.

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