Why do people eat more food in China than they do in the US?

People in the world’s most populous country are eating more food than they ever have before.

And according to a study from researchers at the University of Maryland, the trend has nothing to do with the amount of fresh vegetables grown or the price of imported goods.

Rather, the increase in consumption has everything to do to the fact that there are more people.

China is home to the world`s largest population and growing, and the country has been building an ever-expanding infrastructure of roads, highways, power stations and factories to support the burgeoning population.

It`s been an unprecedented surge in food consumption that`s only grown since the start of the pandemic, which hit China hard in late 2008.

In China, the number of people living on the streets has risen from 8.4 million in 2010 to 16.9 million today, according to the latest statistics from the country’s Ministry of Agriculture.

The number of households with at least one person living in them has more than tripled, from 819,000 to 1.9 billion.

The number of adults living with an income of at least 300,000 yuan ($3,100) a month has more or less doubled in a single year.

And the growth of food consumption in China has been on a meteoric trajectory.

China consumed an average of more than 1 billion calories per day in 2016, up from just over half that amount in 2014.

It’s expected to consume almost 4 billion calories this year, an increase of more then 25 percent from last year.

China has been a huge food-consuming country, and in 2017 it`s going to have to come up with an alternative to its current supply chain to meet demand.

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