Why the ‘amharics’ are making food

It’s the food of choice in the Amharic community, a Muslim community whose people have long relied on meat as a staple source of sustenance.

It’s a tradition dating back hundreds of years that has become an important source of income for the community, and it has also become a source of controversy for a handful of the region’s politicians.

The Amharics say they make their own food and, unlike the Muslims, use the meat as the base for their own cooking methods.

However, this has raised concerns among some critics that the region is exporting a culture that has no place in a modern, westernized society. 

According to the Amherst Journal, Amharican officials have been concerned that the use of animal products is not an acceptable form of agricultural production, which would negatively impact the local economy.

“In a recent study, Amhersts Department of Agriculture found that in Amharica, the majority of animals were used for meat production, and only 7% of meat produced in Amherstadt was eaten,” the newspaper reported.

Despite the concerns, the region has embraced its traditions.

Amharic cooking methods are said to be an integral part of the Amish lifestyle, and the region also has a number of traditional foods, like garlic, onions, garlic bread, and kimchi.

Although the food is not vegan, many Amish eat the meat and dairy products that are made with it, and they say the meat has a lot of health benefits. 

“This is a very good source of protein,” Amharish food writer and producer Amalika Kalka told Polygon.

“It has a variety of nutrients.

It’s a very healthy source of fats.

It has a good protein, which is very important to the health of your body.”

Amina Bakhsh, director of the Center for Food Safety and Food Safety, said the use in the region of animal meat is a violation of international law.

In a statement to Polygon, the Center said it is working with the local government to ensure that Amharas food and culture is protected.

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