Which food videos are worth watching?

Food making videos are one of the most watched online, with millions of views each day, according to the food and beverage industry website The Nielsen Company.

In a report released Wednesday, Nielsen said that nearly 6 million videos are watched daily on YouTube and nearly 2.5 million are watched weekly on Netflix.

There are over 2.6 billion views on Food Channel alone, according the company.

Food videos are the most-viewed video content online.

They also make up the largest category of video consumption for young people, Nielsen data show.

The report also found that young people consume more than 60% of all food videos watched on YouTube.

While Food Channel, Food Network, and Food Network+ are all popular food channels, Food Channel+ is the only channel where people ages 12 to 18 are consuming more than 70% of the video views.

Food Channel also has a high percentage of female viewers, Nielsen found.

Overall, young people are watching more than two million videos a day on FoodChannel, compared to more than 900,000 on Food Network and 500,000 videos on FoodNetwork+.

In the same time period, the number of Food Channel video views has grown by almost 20%, to more then 5 million, according Nielsen data.

The average age of viewers watching videos on YouTube is 16.3, Nielsen reported.

In the last month, more than 1.3 million videos have been uploaded to YouTube by the channel’s nearly 200 million monthly subscribers, and another 3.2 million videos were uploaded to the channel by its 2 million active users.

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